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What the fuck is this?

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Crushing Reality Crushing Reality

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Cool game!

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Hoork responds:

Yep! Thank you.

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Marianz - Day End Marianz - Day End

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Shit i dont know how you did this but you really got better

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ElMarianz responds:

haha thanks bro :P

Breakout Breakout

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Very good! I really like the acid stuff, I dont like certain parts like the electric guitar or like around 2:34 were you leave the acid lead playing at a lower volume in the backround while the pads/bells are playing, those sounds dont fit together, like many others in this song, feels like a lot of samples put and layered together, you can hear it in some drum parts, theres a lot of drums playing at once, the drums feel kind of double in parts, and the drums are not consistent, in some parts they are louder and in some lower, and i would suggest working on your transitions, because the whole song feels in parts, like parts of songs put together kind of, it goes from one thing to another drastically, what i would do is add effects like impacts, uplifters, downlifters, risers, white noise, to make the transitions smoother and more obvious, because you always have to make the transitions obvious, make it feel like somethings coming next and the song is progressing, not just staying there or drastically changing like i said, another thing you should work on is the song structure, first is the intro, then the break, thats were less instruments are playing and then starts the build up and next the drop, or you can ignore the break and go directly to the drop, listen to more songs and see the parts and song structure they have, but i see what you are doing, its a Geometry Dash song, theres many changes inside the levels so you made it thinking on that, which is not bad but i would add effects too smooth the transitions still, and the last thing i would say you should work on is your mixing, the sounds volume, eq and all that.
It doesnt sound bad at all, but its a big mash of ideas that need to be organized, but i see potential :)

NebuloreMusic responds:

Thx for commenting! I appreciate it, And I'll Keep this in mind while working on my next song. I completely agree with you, on most of your topics. I actually like the electric guitar, but it's your opinion. I wanted to keep the lead at lower volume during he pads because I didn't want it to feel like another song, I wanted listeners to kind of "remember" the theme of the song, which is an epic, tech feel, that makes you imagine giant Mecha suits and laser guns. But I see what you mean. Maybe I should've made it using a quieter, More of a passive instrument. But whatever. And the transitions: I completely understand. When I made this I was having trouble mastering that area. I'm good now, though. I will notify you when my next song comes out! :)

Eternal Sunset Eternal Sunset

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Hey great track dude ;)

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EdKempeper responds:

Hello !

Haha, thanks a lot ! I spent some times on this one ;)